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Offer a Gift Certificate

Whether it's new year's eve, Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day, etc., you have the opportunity to compose a gift certificate that will delight your loved ones!


NOSCO will adapt to all budgets. You can select what you want from the dishes and drinks menu, the wine classes, or even a visit to the place of production of Perle Noire Caviar (located 5 km from NOSCO). 


How to compose your gift certificate?

Contact us by e-mail, Instagram, Facebook or phone and we will help you compose the gift certificate.


How to proceed with the payment?


Accepted means of payment are :

- Bank card

- Bank check

- bank transfer

- cash


For a period of 14 days following the day of your payment (legal withdrawal period according to Article L. 221-1 of the Consumer Code), you have the option to cancel your order and obtain the full refund of payment made.


How to receive your gift certificate?


Upon payment and receipt, we will send you your gift certificate at your convenience, by e-mail or by post mail (with no additional cost for mainland France).


How to use your gift certificate?


All gift certificates are valid for one year from the date of issue*. Before your arrival, it is important to tell us what time it would be appropriate for you to use your gift certificate and to give us the number of it. No gift certificate will be accepted without prior reservation. The day of your arrival, it will not be necessary to bring it.


*Possibility of extending the period of validity up to 3 additional months on request. An unused and expired gift certificate will not be refunded.

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