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You may find here the different wine courses you can sit in on site only by reservation. 

Nosco Vinum

"I'm getting to know the wine"

Courses addressing topics such as vine, grape varieties, different vinifications, legislation, the constitution of a cellar ...

Duration : 1h30

Price per person : 30 euros

Nosco Gustus

"I'm getting to know how to taste the wine"

Bind Tasting of several wines  preceded by a course on the basics of tasting the wine in good conditions.

Duration : 1h30

Price per person : 35 euros

Nosco Harmonia

"I'm getting to know how to marry food & wine"

Course addressing the generalities of a good food / wine pairing and more specifically the pairing between wine and cheese; then between wine and chocolate.

Duration : 2h00

Price per person : 50 euros

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